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Bride and Groom on Beach

The Perfectly Planned Moment 

Where It All Started

Back in 1994 as a new Bride all of 20 years old I was faced with finding the "perfect" 1st year anniversary gift to my new husband. I have always been a fan of a secret and in so fashion I enlisted my sister and another friend into what would later inspire me to start Smitten. A company built of the element of surprise. That night I suggested after a lovely long weekend spent at the spas of Calistoga that we drive home by way of the Coast. Clearly out of our way since we lived in Sebastopol at the time, but since neither of us were eggar to end the intimate celebrations, we took the long way home. I "randomly" chose a beach and suggested we stop for a sunset walk. As we walked and laughed and took in the sea air we slowly approached a perfectly set table with a candle lit rock cliff as its background. I stepped closer and he pulled my hand back to him saying "no, that is someones spot" In that moment I proudly said "Its our spot, Happy Anniversary"
No words could ever explain his face a perfect mixture of amazement, disbelief, and excitement. It made all the crazy planning and promises I had to make to my sister all worth it. As we sat she came out from her hiding spot and poured us a glass of Champagne in her borrowed tux! That night Smitten was born and it has been an adventure ever since.

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